First day back at work

It’s turning into a potential nightmare at work.

On Thursday I will be the only designer left in our group. Both the other designers will have left in the past week and there have not even been any adverts put in for replacements yet.

The Design Room manager has been away for a long weekend, and I would normally cover for her, at least to the extent that I would route incoming jobs through the appropriate people and generally keep an eye on things. Even at the best of times I don’t have time to do this properly, and today, my first day back after a week off, I’ve also had to manage with being the only designer account execs can turn to for long-term commitment on jobs.

And yesterday (Sunday) I had a call from one of the Account Managers asking me to prepare for a presentation he has to do on Tuesday, which includes designing a website that the last designer that left was meant to have done, but didn’t finish. In fact, he barely started it. This has been designated at taking precedence over any other work that I was due to do. This is what I’ll be working on tonight.

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