Well, I finally bit the bullet and paid out for a wireless router, the D-Link DI-624+.

I’ve had previous experience with these routers and I’ve found them to be easy to set up and use and this one has been no exception. Because this is the ‘+’, it uses the slower AirPlus G+ (54 Mbps) system as opposed to the Air Plus XtremeG (108 Mbps) which I bought last time. Basically my powerbook’s Airport card can’t take advantage of the XtremeG boost which I think is some kind of proprietary technology developed by D-Link. And it’s about half the price which is good.

I’ve not tested it throughout the flat yet, so here goes walkabout…

Cool, only lost one bar on the indicator now I’m in the bedroom. Not that I can get very far away from the router in my flat.

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