A very hot day

Indeedy, it was. Apparently I’m working in the hottest room in our building and they’re going to use it as the baseline for regulating the air conditioning. But that won’t happen for two weeks. And how dumb is it that our building, which is very large and sprawling, has an air con system that has only one thermostat? That’s making a pretty big assumption about how even the temperature is throughout the building. Yes, I’m sure the builders knew what they were doing when they designed it.

Another thing I’ve discovered: the union that deals with such things has agreed with the management that there is a temperature BELOW which we should not be made to work. A good and wise decision. Unfortunately they couldn’t agree on a temperature ABOVE which we couldn’t work. So there’s no real incentive to get the air con fixed from an employee health and safety point of view.

browsing: Liked the illustration on the Money and Love T-shirt, it reminds me of some kind of sixties movie intro animations, Saul Bass-like, or Czech posters of the same era. I think I know someone who’d like these.

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