Working tonight

We’re somewhat busy at work, so I’ve brought some home. Always a good sign.

Especially since I have next week off, and it looks like I’ll be taking more work home to do over the weekend. There is an implicit understanding that my holiday doesn’t start officially until Monday – which of course technically it doesn’t, as I can only be on holiday on days when I wouldn’t otherwise be at work, so the weekend is just a hiatus between work, not a holiday. So asking me to work this weekend is seen as acceptable.

There’s no point wingeing about it. I could have said “no”. But then there’s a lot of things I could have done:-

  • started work on time at 8.15am (rather than early at 7.45am)
  • stopped working during my lunch break (rather than worked through – not allowable as overtime)
  • left at 4.30pm (rather than stay to 5.30pm – allowable as overtime)

The rules don’t apply to work (or perhaps there are no rules).

It wouldn’t be so bad if it hasn’t been this way or worse for the whole time I’ve been at work (with rare exceptions).

The Work:

I’m putting together a new brochure for a company that produces bathroom stuff – showers, baths, sinks, toilets all that kind of thing. We’ve been through a short design process, and now it’s time to work up the whole brochure, with all their products. It’s got die-cutting and stuff – woohoo! Or at least that’s what I suggested in the designs – come to think of it, I haven’t actually had that confirmed yet. Little dreams that could be dashed at any moment . . .

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