Willingham and the Great Ouse

I got up reasonably early and went out for walk from Willingham up to the Great Ouse, along its banks and down into Willingham again. Took about 3 hours in all, 6.5 miles according to the book. Not the most interesting of walks from a photography point of view, many long straight paths, flat fields and distant tree-lines, your typical fen landscape. But I did get a few good shots that are on flickr.

I tried to make more of an effort with the flickr descriptions for these photos. Because of the lack of good subject-matter, this set became less about photography per se and more about a journey that was being documented using photography, so adding a description seemed appropriate in this case. So what I really mean is that I was being a tourist not an artist.

And here is where I have a bit of an ambiguous attitude towards my photography. I see it as an artistic expression and would like to make every shot count. But sometimes you’re just unable to find the inspiration and all you can do is tell a story in a sequence of shots, and although I am attempting to make the shots the best I can, sometimes that’s not their only reason for being. They have an information content as well as an aesthetic value.

I think that I would like to set up two concurrent streams, one for sets of pictures which are like every day life, and one for special shots, art shots if you will. On a related note I was taking a look at pixelpost which I’ve come across various photographers using. Not sure if I would need a separate database for this or if I could double-up the blog’s one.

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