Getting better (I think)

Made it into work today. Didn’t really want to, but there’s just too much to do at the moment. I feel better than I did yesterday, I still have the sore throat and am sneezing a lot, but at least my body doesn’t feel like it’s been beaten any more.

Got to a meeting early today, so spent the time before it started taking some shots round Cambridge (it was a nice sunny day). It was one of those nice experiences, in that when I took a look at the pics when I got home I noticed many aspects to them that I hadn’t seen when I was taking the photos. I really liked the way Garage 1, Garage 2 and Garage 4 came out after being cropped drastically – very abstracted, the colours came through really well. Garage 3 was a bit of an anomaly, but I left it in regardless.

Also the rather unreal building in the background of this shot. And this shot is just a beautiful take on a fairly common subject (at least it is in Cambridge) – the fan of punts really makes the composition. Oh, and this one with the beautiful blue of the window – I like the fact that it’s off in one corner, not the main subject, but adds so much to the overall feeling of the pic. That’s what I think, anyway.

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