24-03-08 Archive Display #1 – International Women’s Day 2024

This is the first in what will be an ongoing series of posts recording my efforts to organise and present my research archive of publications related to experimental music and sound art from Mainland China and Hong Kong. Today’s post is a catalogue of the first display which was inspired by International Women’s Day in March 2024, and includes a selection of female artists.

view of floor-to-ceiling metal shelving in a studio, with shelves holding an archive of music publications, CDs cassettes, etc.

(Artist, title, format, publisher date, link)

  1. 阿科 Ake, silence is shit, cassette, Sub Jam/Torsion Field 2022 Link 
  2. 李穎姍 Fiona Lee Wing-shan, In daze, intersection between performance & installation, book, self-published 2017
  3. 李穎姍 Fiona Lee Wing-shan, walking in a daze, CD, self-published 2016 Link
  4. 李穎姍 Fiona Lee Wing-shan, Ftarri De Solos (Ftarri 5th Anniversary Vol.3) [split release with suzueri (Elico Suzuki)], CD, Ftarri 2017 Link
  5. 李亦蕾 Li Yilei, 之 / OF, LP, Métron Records 2021 Link
  6. 李亦蕾 Li Yilei, Nonage, LP, Métron Records 2024 Link
  7. Oishi (Zheng Hao & 任上 Ren Shang), Intertidal Zone, CD, Research Laboratories 2024 Link
  8. 盛洁 Sheng Jie & 沈靜 Shen Jing, 聲比成音 Parallel Weaving, LP, WV Sorcerer Productions 2022 Link
  9. 盛潔 Sheng Jie, 行歌走月 Strolling in the Moon, LP + cloth cover + cloth bag, Shanavlab / 一家布莊 A Cloth Shop / WV Sorcerer Productions 2024 Link
  10. 盛洁 Sheng Jie, 耳熵 Ear Entropy, CD (design by Wu Qingyu), MEN-RECORDS 2022 Link
  11. 盛洁 Sheng Jie, Audio Visual Art Object, ceramic, wood, electronics, limited edition of 14 pieces, Shanavlab 2015 Link
  12. 谭硕欣 Tan Shuoxin, from two roots, mini-CD, Infant Tree 2023 Link
  13. Various Artists, passive tense 2, cassette, CFI Record 2021 Link
  14. Various Artists, Art of the Muses, CD, Syrphe 2012 Link
  15. VAVABOND (韦玮 Wei Wei), 周五 Friday By 韦玮 VAVABOND (一周音乐 A Week of Music), cassette, Shanavlab 2021 Link
  16. 响 Xiang, 响一风的解构 Deconstruction of Wind, cassette, Zoomin’ Night 2019 Link
  17. 姚春旸 Yao Chunyang, 泯默集 Post-Oblivion, cassette, Dusty Ballz 2023 Link
  18. 赵丛 Zhao Cong, 卡拉OK, 我, cassette, Zoomin’ Night 2018 Link

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