I’ve written this post to clarify for visitors and for myself what this blog’s reason for being is. This has been occasioned by a friend’s comment that has made me aware that it’s time to take it as seriously as I would like the visitor to take it.

There’s nothing particularly ground-breaking in this list, but it’s helping me to think about and clarify the meanings behind this activity.

The credo of this blog:

  • improve my writing
  • improve my thought processes in order to communicate my ideas and opinions
  • to look to the wider context
  • to clearly and concisely relate events, situations or objects
  • to effectively share material that I enjoy or dislike

The point being:

  • to be able to communicate the excitement I feel when I experience great things
  • to understand and rationalise my reasons for this excitement
  • to intelligently question things that confuse or annoy me
  • to say something new and interesting about all these things

The subject matter will be:

  • Art
  • Culture
  • Technology

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