Kettle’s Yard: Sybille Berger: Paintings: Pre-visit

untitled 2002

I’ve only seen one picture by Sybille Berger so far, the one used to illustrate the invitation card. This is a square piece, with four horizontal stripes of colour, (from top to bottom) a purple, yellow, a slightly darker purple and a lilac strip. The colours are flat, the divisions between them hard.

My initial thoughts are of hard-edged abstraction; the stark arrangements of colours remind me of the Homage to the Square paintings by Josef Albers (this is probably why I am particularly drawn to this piece out of the three exhibition cards that Kettle’s Yard have sent). The colours themselves don’t seem to have any meaningful references that I know of.

It’s a striking image, used on the card (but not in itself obviously striving for this effect, that’s just the way its been used in this situation), but beyond that, I’m unable to comment. I assume there must be more to it than just arrangements of colours.

I plan on visiting the exhibition on Monday 4 December.

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