partially deaf

I’m partially deaf. I went through a battery of tests at Addenbrooke’s Hospital earlier this year (including a very scary MRI scan) to see if there were any physical problems that could be dealt with in any way. The tests didn’t reveal anything out of the ordinary – my hearing in my right ear is just deteriorating.

I’ve been given a hearing aid and it’s ugly! ugly! ugly! and I’m too vain to wear it out of the house. The best thing about it is the case that it comes in. It’s a small ring case covered in black velvet-like material. Inside, the hearing aid sits on a black cushioned base and the top is lined with white silky material with the words “National Health Service” printed in Gill Sans (all caps). The Gill Sans makes it feel very 50s in style – an era that’s always appealed to me.

Putting the hearing aid into the case ruins it completely.

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