I’ve never really been into adornment or any kind. It’s only in the past few years that I’ve got to grips with clothes and what suits me.

As far as jewelry goes, I wore a rather tacky ring for a year or so when I was a teenager. I’m not even sure where it came from. I think I was just dipping my toe in the waters. It never really worked for me.

But now I’m thinking more and more about accessories that I’d like to wear and they’re all really specific things. It’s not just any ring or any belt, I know what the ring or belt should look like and what materials it’ll be made of. This may just be inexperience on my part. As I get more accustomed to wearing and buying these things, I’ll relax about them more.

So, at the moment what I want is:-

  1. a black leather belt with many silver/steel bars hooked around it.
  2. a small collar stud, comprising two parallel bars of silver/steel, either clipped through the collar or wrapped around the end.
  3. I want a tattoo, I haven’t found one I like yet though. I’m going to be VERY picky about this one.
  4. On the clothes front, I want a black fitted shirt with a gold and black tie (saw this on someone’s Flickr photo).
  5. I’ve just got a belt with pyramid studs on, but I wear loose shirts most of the time so you can’t see it, so the effect is a bit wasted.

Ah well, maybe I’m a bit of a wannabe punk/fetishist. Well, that’s what feels right for me at the moment. I really feel that I shouldn’t be wasting any opportunities or urges.

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