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I’ve spent the evening hacking the hell out of the the WordPress get_calendar() function to give me a horizontal calendar in the header to replace the tabular version in the sidebar.

I’ve converted it from a table into an unordered list (to match the rest of the rows in the header) and rearranged things so that you have the previous and next months at either end. Stylistically, each day with a post is bold and days without posts are faded out; today’s date is highlighted in the yellow; hovering over the post days gives you a short piece of text giving the full date and the titles of the posts made on that day.

While it was certainly not as difficult to put together as I had thought — the bulk of the work has come from the get_calendar() function — I went through many, many tweaks to get it to this stage, but as always I spend a lot of time over the tiniest, most inconsequential details.

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