saving the pony

So, there’s this larger-than-average kissing gate as you stop following Monk’s Lode and cross some fields back into Wicken.

And the lock isn’t very secure, so that it easily pops open, leaving the gate standing ajar. One of the ponies had managed to negotiate this and got trapped on the wrong side of the gate. When I reached the gate the rest of the horses and ponies were milling around while the trapped pony was trying to find a way to get through the fence. I managed to coral it through the gate and back to freedom. I suppose someone else would have done the same thing if I hadn’t.

Every time the pony had it’s back to me, as I was guiding it through the gate, I was thinking this is a very bad position to be in, I hope it realizes I’m trying to help and doesn’t kick out. Nice pony.

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