dents for 2009-07-09

  • waves of military helicopters flying overhead #
  • living in our flat in Tongzhou 通州, way out in Beijing’s suburbia #
  • across the road a hotel(?) is being built, much digging going on and, out of the blue, a gaggle of geese wander by… #
  • …disappearing round the back of the half-built structure, not to be seen again #
  • @rpeckham “musician slums”? the mind boggles. should be close to us, we’re SE of Tuqiao. you got a map ref? #
  • @rpeckham cool, will take a look. we still have the space in 798, BTW #
  • no more power cuts today in our development, the guys on the front gate say that the infrastructure can’t handle the number of residents #
  • …which seems like setting yourself up for a fall #
  • …so, usually, at about 5pm, when everyone comes home and starts the AC/cooking/etc. off goes the power… #
  • yesterday everything was down while they worked on the problem, and today, good news, no interruptions. there’s hope… #
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