“sexed subjectivity”

Thinking about subjectivity and how it comes about. Thought of as a product, and effect(?), of objects – of Marxian commodities, the actual results of this consumptive rumination on sexuality. Thinking a lot about this and the relation between image and text that is being investigated in Wei Weng’s Antimapping project.

There are narrative fragments but there is no linear coherence. We are encouraged to read vertically, through association, across the relations of text to image, along the terms of the primary processes of condensation and displacement. No longer consumers at the margin of a finished work, we are drawn onto the site and onto the process of meaning itself. In this process our sexed subjectivity and its pleasures in representation are also implicated, and indeed become the subject matter of the work. [a discussion of the films of Victor Burgin]

  • TICKNER, Lisa (1984). Sexuality and/in Representation: Five British Artists. In: ed. Preziosi, Donald, The Art of Art History: A Critical Anthology. Oxford: Oxford University Press 1998, p.364.

identi.ca dents for 2009-02-11

  • cleaning windows #
  • washing floors #
  • spring cleaning over for another year! just need to get someone to clean the *outside* of the windows now #
  • making tea (green) #
  • windows wide open, the sun’s out, the skies, well, not blue as such, but not bad for Beijing #
  • buying #chinese lessons http://is.gd/j7t4 #
  • tinyurl now has a preview feature, I think solves the spamming potential of those opaque little urls #
  • oh dear, Art Beijing, sort out your website. painfully slow flash animations http://www.artbeijing.net/ #
  • passing up on some punk and swiss electronica tonight, sad #

identi.ca dents for 2009-02-10

  • looking for a solution to running twitter and identi.ca concurrently. I prefer the latter, but know most people use the former #
  • does cross-posting between the two count as spam? #
  • oh, I see @rejon cross-posts, so it can’t be too bad #
  • aah, he uses ping.fm to update them all at once #
  • interesting… #
  • ok, testing ping.fm updating #
  • coolio! works like a charm #