dents for 2009-01-30

  • proof reading a very long and rambling interview #
  • The translation from Chinese to English doesn’t make sense in many places. Many things left unexplained. #
  • Wondering if it made any sense in the original… #
  • needs many notes to make it understandable to the lay reader #
  • this seems to be a general problem for international understanding of Chinese art, and perhaps this goes for other areas of society too… #
  • …the translations are usually very poor, which could either be the fault of the translator, or the original text, I’m never quite sure. #
  • But generally there seems to be a lack of rigor in the writing and criticism of art here #
  • with notable exceptions of course (which I won’t note), but they only go to highlight the general low quality #
  • so quit griping, what are you going do about it? #
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