What if we were to record many different speakers on many different subjects and, from those recordings, isolate statements relating to specific writers, or subjects?

Could we then take those statements, look at them as graphic lines, with marks at certain points where these writers and subjects are mentioned, marks that could act as points of attraction and intersection with other statement-lines plotted on the plane of a graph?

What would this arrangement of lines tell us about the relation between the speakers?

Statements as a sequence of meanings over time, with the graph plotting time against subject matter.

Am I unnecessarily complexifying what is essentially a simple relationship?

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One thought on “CREATIVE JOURNAL—What if?

  1. what if you were thinking too much before you started writing?

    what if the creative journal could help you to open up a new page of your life which you have never tought about?

    what if you could create a new thought only by continuing to write the journal?

    everything is just the matter of time dear, our life is already a creative journal…love u

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