Something of a self-referential post.

I’m thinking about the format that my Creative Journal will take. I’ve already been pursuing the idea that it should be some kind of timeline, reflecting the occurrence of thoughts related to this subject. The following are some notes that I made yesterday in the process of trying to rationalise the concept:


  • So – what are the important concepts to get across with the format of the creative journal?
    • The passage of time?
    • The act of entering information (the act of writing)?
    • The progression?
  • Looking at it as if from a rational, empirical point of view – an analysis of the process – presented as an overview.
  • Present this parallel with a way of looking at art.
    • Talk about humanism/Kant.
    • The subject/author.
  • Why connect the boards? Why not have them loose as an analogy for the interplay between the author and reader? Naive interpretation?
    • Surely the timeline will obviate that, providing an overall narrative to recreate the sequence of texts by?
    • Would the removal of dates create a better situation? That would make it impossible/difficult to judge any progression.
  • The re-/marked passage of time is one of the points I want to get across – more about the course structure/realization of the Journal than about the course subject-matter.
    • Still a connected series of events.
    • If it will be judged on this factor (progress) then it has to display that in some way – facile to just try and integrate an aspect of the subject-matter?
    • Marked progress of time is designed to illustrate the activity of writing the Journal and the difficulty I had doing it – is this relevant?
    • Am I just trying to justify my inadequacies?
    • Rather than hide the problem, I try to exacerbate it to force it into resolution(?) (critique).
    • Push the system (not really as far as it will go, just about testing the boundaries)? Not even that – pushing the activities defined by the system – more about my own reaction to the system and only indirectly about the system itself.

As usual, no real conclusions.

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