CREATIVE JOURNAL—Gallery Visit—Cullinan and Richards

I always enjoy visiting studios, there’s obviously a mixture of voyeurism and some envy going on there.

Today we visited the studio of Charlotte Cullinan and Janine Richards, previously known collectively as Art Lab and more recently as The Savage School(?). Charlotte gave an extremely lucid overview of their work, which raises many interesting issues for me regarding the work of the artist as facilitator or ‘platform’ for other workers. This has particular resonance with the text we have just read regarding relational aesthetics by Nicolas Bourriaud, and indeed the one’s we are currently reading about the ‘death of the author’.

From a personal point of view, their earlier work recalled my own degree show where I invited the artist Peter Fend to exhibit his work in my stead. Sorry if I harp on about this – it’s my greatest moment so far, I think, so I feel warranted to flog it until it’s dead.

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