The major personal event of the past month is that I’ve fallen in love.

For a while I had been very close to one of the girls on my course – we had chatted a lot, met for coffees etc. – it was very natural. Without going into too much detail, it all blossomed a few weeks ago into something much more.

Her name is Shi, she’s from China and she’s very precious to me. I love her very much and I am very, very happy.

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One thought on “ME-Love

  1. Thank you for sharing the best time with me, dear! This year became the most precious time in my life. Beijing… Kyoto… Paris… Roma… Hongkong… Kuala Lumpur… London… after spending nearly seven years, i have finally accomplished my journey and found you….my love! Meeting you here like this is positively surreal! But i know you are very real because you have been always there whenever i needed you. Just want to tell you that I am very very happy too. I wish you Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

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