GALLERY—Daniel Buren—Intervention II—Modern Art Oxford

Daniel Buren, Modern Art Oxford

Daniel Buren, Modern Art Oxford

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Intervention II
Daniel Buren
Modern Art Oxford

Unfortunately no photography is allowed in the gallery, so I could only take these shots where the piece interfaced with the outside world.

The photos show part of the piece in the main gallery space. As well as the coloured gels on the windows themselves, it’s made up of a sequence of aluminium frames taking their shape from the windows, with the same coloured panels, projected back into the gallery space. There are about five or six sets of these three panels (one for each window) hanging from each of the metal rafters in the ceiling.

There are two other rooms with pieces. In the smaller connecting room, Buren has again placed coloured gels on the windows and hung more aluminium frames reflecting the shape of these windows, but this time the frames are not hung into the space but slightly away from each wall, with a spotlight projecting shadows from them onto the walls.

The last room’s walls are painted with a coloured checkerboard pattern with more aluminium panels with coloured sections. In this case the panels are set into runners flush with the wall that allows them to be move backwards and forwards over the painted walls to create various colour combinations.

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