tha futur

I really hate talking about what I would like to do in the future, because talk is cheap. That said…

I’ve been thinking about going back to college. Why?

  • to add direction to my life.
  • to re-discover things that I’m interested in and excited about and that I’ve forgotten since I was last at college.
  • to develop these things into something that I will want to and be able to continue doing after I leave college.

I’ve been looking at Art History/Theory Courses. Why?

  • My BA is in Fine Art.
  • By the end of that degree I had developed into some kind of conceptual artist (funny story, but not for this post).
  • After I left I was unable to continue this – I’d not laid the necessary ground work for a long-term artistic career, I’d not chosen a particularly easy route to take, and I didn’t have the motivation to make it work for me (I’m not judging the activity in itself at this point as I think that would be irrelevant to the discussion in hand).
  • As a result I don’t draw/paint sculpt particularly well, I have few technical skills to develop a more traditional artists’ career. Nor would I want to.
  • Therefore I would like to strengthen my intellectual/artistic background to help lay some ground-work for whatever I might end up doing.

Before I can start one of these courses there are a number of things I need to do first:

  1. Improve my writing.
  2. Write more about what I like.
  3. Do more research about what I like.
  4. Improve my objectivity.
  5. Read up on Art. Pick up the reading lists from the courses I’m looking at.
  6. Get up to speed with contemporary art. Subscribe to some magazines.

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