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Love the film, love the poster design!! Will be on the lookout for more stuff like this to fill the wide-open-spaces on my flat’s walls. Saul Bass to Le Corbusier-type stuff.

Come to think of it, I had an old Corb poster somewhere.

I’ll spend some money on getting a good frame for this, even though it’s creased and had a hole punched through it in the post. Something thin and metallic, I think.

ecto tryout

Spending way too much fiddling around with my blog. I’m working through urbangiraffe‘s dissection of a wordpress theme, so the site will be in a state of flux over the next few weeks (the design, at least – the content will be constant). I’m giving ecto a try to see if that is a worthwhile buy, after it’s trial period is up I’ll give MarsEdit a go and decide which (if any) I’ll stick with.


My experience so far (1 hour):-

  • Easy to set up.
  • No strong opinions on the interface. I’m a bit against lots of windows, but this is usually down to my inexperience with the app.
  • No problems connecting to WordPress.
  • Seems to write good code.