COLLEGE—First Term Essays pt. 2—Philosophy And . . .

Philosophy And . . . (2,000 words)

This is the final ‘diagnostic’ essay that we have to do, the first two of which were completed last term. This was the one I was most worries about, for a course where I felt completely out of my depth (as I’ve complained about on many occasions).

The subject-matter (Deleuze and Guattari’s ‘1837: Of the Refrain’ from A Thousand Plateaus) is still a bit of a mystery to me, so writing an essay about it really stretched my abilities. In the essay itself I say as much, initiating the essay from a state of incomprehension.

However the comments from my tutor explained that, although I had taken on an ‘ambitious’ topic and perhaps my positioning statement was unnecessarily negative, I had been able to raise some interesting questions. Unfortunately the implications of these were not followed through, so again this worked against me.

Overall, I’m not too unhappy with the mark. As painful as it was, I really enjoyed the process of writing this piece and I’d like to pursue the subject in my final (assessed) essay.

I think I’m feeling somewhat happier with the course as such. Although I’m not exactly swimming yet, I feel I can at least make a good attempt at participating.

Download the essay (PDF 168KB)

Score: 63/100

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