Documentation – Small Book – 1992

Document – Small Book – 1992

1. Gallery

The Walls of the Gallery

2. Gallery

The Act of Noticing

3. Gallery

The Prisms Channel

The Walls of the Gallery become more expedient as a bridge across that which divides the courtyard. In the process it takes on the characteristics of the viewers perception of the framing edge of the wall, cutting out wedges of viewed material, in a sculptural sense. These wedges act as prisms laid along-side each other, to channel light along their lengths into the gallery and, ultimately, into the viewers eye. In the courtyard this division turns round the limits of the walls, introducing perspective curving akin to gravitational space.

The Act of Noticing: the first moment of viewing sets up a program of incidences, between the viewer and the viewed. Note: the viewer looks out to the incidences before him. The incidences project back and into the eye of the viewer. The drawing is unrelated to the act of viewing. It tries to understand what you see in relation to what is thought to be there. An imaginative movement from your eye out to the position from which the picture is drawn /or which the picture represent.

The Prisms Channel two ‘world lines’ of light through their material and the material that creates the curve in spatial perception (conceivably this may be a function of the eye-ball). Looking at this arrangement in reality we do not see these bodies but only their composite actions.

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