very angry about something that it would be inappropriate to speak about in a public forum.

but I went running tonight when I got home, which I haven’t done for about a month now (possibly longer if I’m honest). So, although I’ll pay for it tomorrow, I feel satisfied that I’ve done something “constructive”. My main concern now is to get into shape for my holiday. Nothing like leaving until the last minute – we leave next Friday, so that’s 9 days or so. Vanity, thy name is ed.

I foresee various crises between now and then, though (see first paragraph).

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adding :first-child to entries

In the never-ending effort to streamline the production of the site (or just to amuse myself), I’ve added a :first-child pseudo-class to the CSS.

This means that the first <p> in every entry is automatically given a bold style. The code is:

.entry>p:first-child {

font-weight: bold;


The text for each post is contained within a <div> with a class of ‘entry’ and is made up of a series of <p>s (plus some <div>s at the end which we can ignore in this case). Previously I’ve been adding <strong> tags to the first <p> as a general stylistic thing. :first-child allows me to not have to add these tags and will style the entry appropriately when it hits the site.

Pros: less code. Cons: no preview until it’s live (fix: create a new stylesheet for ecto).

Part of the CCS2 spec, doesn’t work in IE

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Powerbook repair – pt 3

What a beautiful, sunny day! Nice and cool in the flat, though. You kind of lose touch with the weather in here.

Just returned from the DIY store, where I went in search of the Torx T8 screwdriver bits. Unfortunately there were none available – all the sets of bits only went down to T10, which I already have. So, I think I’ll have to take the powerbook into the local Apple repair shop and potentially lose it for a week or so. Not sure I can survive.

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powerbook repair – pt 2

This site has instructions for replacing the optical drive on the powerbook. I’m thinking I’ll go out and buy a Torx T8 head for my screwdriver (it only came with a T15 and a T10 – I think there was a more expensive version of the screwdriver with the T8 supplied, but I went for the cheap version – ah hindsight!) and get the drive out and see if that gives me a better view inside.

It’ll also give me many opportunities to bust the powerbook.

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