very angry about something that it would be inappropriate to speak about in a public forum.

but I went running tonight when I got home, which I haven’t done for about a month now (possibly longer if I’m honest). So, although I’ll pay for it tomorrow, I feel satisfied that I’ve done something “constructive”. My main concern now is to get into shape for my holiday. Nothing like leaving until the last minute – we leave next Friday, so that’s 9 days or so. Vanity, thy name is ed.

I foresee various crises between now and then, though (see first paragraph).

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adding :first-child to entries

In the never-ending effort to streamline the production of the site (or just to amuse myself), I’ve added a :first-child pseudo-class to the CSS.

This means that the first <p> in every entry is automatically given a bold style. The code is:

.entry>p:first-child {

font-weight: bold;


The text for each post is contained within a <div> with a class of ‘entry’ and is made up of a series of <p>s (plus some <div>s at the end which we can ignore in this case). Previously I’ve been adding <strong> tags to the first <p> as a general stylistic thing. :first-child allows me to not have to add these tags and will style the entry appropriately when it hits the site.

Pros: less code. Cons: no preview until it’s live (fix: create a new stylesheet for ecto).

Part of the CCS2 spec, doesn’t work in IE

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Powerbook repair – pt 3

What a beautiful, sunny day! Nice and cool in the flat, though. You kind of lose touch with the weather in here.

Just returned from the DIY store, where I went in search of the Torx T8 screwdriver bits. Unfortunately there were none available – all the sets of bits only went down to T10, which I already have. So, I think I’ll have to take the powerbook into the local Apple repair shop and potentially lose it for a week or so. Not sure I can survive.

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powerbook repair – pt 2

This site has instructions for replacing the optical drive on the powerbook. I’m thinking I’ll go out and buy a Torx T8 head for my screwdriver (it only came with a T15 and a T10 – I think there was a more expensive version of the screwdriver with the T8 supplied, but I went for the cheap version – ah hindsight!) and get the drive out and see if that gives me a better view inside.

It’ll also give me many opportunities to bust the powerbook.

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powerbook repair

I had a go at getting the stuck CD out, but it just seems to have got more stuck. So I’m going to take it to my local Apple dealer.

I rang them this morning just to see if I needed to make an appointment and I really didn’t get a good feeling from the call. All the guy said was just bring it in with your original system disks. I suppose it was just their stock response and doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to scrub the drive, but it gets me nervous. So I’m backing up before I go.

Thank God the stuck CD’s not too embarrassing . . .

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music bought

A small list of some CDs I’ve just bought:

Unfortunately the first CD I put in the slot on my Powerbook has stuck in there. The system can’t see it and can’t eject it (although it makes some pretty nasty noises when you start the mac up). Will have at it with some tweezers.

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