Scaffolding shot

DSC01166.JPG Originally uploaded by escdotdot.

A shot of scaffolding against Sidney Sussex College buildings taken earlier today. Played around with it a bit in Photoshop, bumped up the contrast and muted the greens of the tree and the mesh at the top of the pic, in order to emphasise the silvery metalwork.

The original shot was taken at a slight angle, which I’ve corrected in PS, but it still looks slightly off and I can’t work out if that’s my imagination or not.

ecto update

I’ve been using ecto for a week or so now so I’ll try and summarize my experience with it so far.

I’m very pleased with it, overall. It works well. A new version has been released (2.3.1) which I’m going to try. As with a lot of apps, half the stuff that it can do I haven’t got my head round yet. I still don’t really ‘get’ tags—technorati or whatever—so I’m going to have to sit down and really concentrate on reading up about them at some point.


DSC01165.JPG Originally uploaded by escdotdot.

Love the film, love the poster design!! Will be on the lookout for more stuff like this to fill the wide-open-spaces on my flat’s walls. Saul Bass to Le Corbusier-type stuff.

Come to think of it, I had an old Corb poster somewhere.

I’ll spend some money on getting a good frame for this, even though it’s creased and had a hole punched through it in the post. Something thin and metallic, I think.

ecto tryout

Spending way too much fiddling around with my blog. I’m working through urbangiraffe‘s dissection of a wordpress theme, so the site will be in a state of flux over the next few weeks (the design, at least – the content will be constant). I’m giving ecto a try to see if that is a worthwhile buy, after it’s trial period is up I’ll give MarsEdit a go and decide which (if any) I’ll stick with.


My experience so far (1 hour):-

  • Easy to set up.
  • No strong opinions on the interface. I’m a bit against lots of windows, but this is usually down to my inexperience with the app.
  • No problems connecting to WordPress.
  • Seems to write good code.